Voices of experience - a short film

Voices of experience: a short film about peoples’ experiences of health and healthcare


In preparation for our annual conference in 2017 we filmed 7 people with learning disabilities talking about their health and experiences of health care. In this short video you will hear people reflect on their experiences and hear about what aspects of their care were positive and how things sometimes didn’t go so well.

For example people told us about positive experiences of primary care and many said that they had a good relationship with their GP. They said this was because their GPs:

  • Took time and listened to what they were saying in consultations
  • Provided easy read information
  • Had a longstanding relationship with them
  • Explained things properly

People also told us about negative experiences of healthcare which were characterised by:

  • Being dismissed and not given adequate (or any!) information about their health condition
  • Not being part of the decision making process when it came to managing their health conditions

We also heard how carers, friends and support workers played an essential role in helping people to manage their health and access health care services. For example:

  • Whilst at their appointments, helping them to understand and sometimes helping them to communicate with the healthcare professional
  • Helping people to understand correspondence
  • Helping people to get to and from appointments

All participants emphasised the importance of being involved in decisions about their own healthcare and of being treated with respect. They said that the adjustments that were made to their care, particularly in terms of communications, health checks and medication management, really helped.

The strongest message was about communication both in practical terms through accessible information provision but also in ensuring that people have the information about their health to enable them to be part of the decision making process. As Fiona said:

                                                     "It’s about my body”

We would like to thank People First Scotland members for helping to put this video together.