Hate crime

People with learning disabilities are more likely to be bullied or harassed than other people

There is some research that looks at why hate crimes happen

But there is not a lot of research that looks at how a hate crime or bullying might make you feel

Our research wants to find out how hate crime and bullying might affect your health

To find this out we are interviewing people with learning disabilities to tell us about their experiences of hate crime and how bullying impacts on their health

We will write a report that looks at lots of different information on hate crime to help us understand more about it


We are also holding interviews with people with learning disabilities’ families to see how they feel about hate crime and bullying

And are holding interviews with the Police to find out what they think about hate crime and bullying

We will bring all of this information together to help us understand the impact of hate crime and bullying on the health of people with learning disabilities

If you want to find out more information you can email Phillippa at: Phillippa.Wiseman@glasgow.ac.uk