Physical health

This project analyses the physical health problems experienced by adults with learning disabilities.

Psychotropic prescribing

This project analyses psychotropic prescribing data for a cohort of adults with learning disabilities in a Scottish health board

Census 2011: Autism and learning disabilities

This project investigates trends in population of people known to have autism and people with learning disabilities compared to the whole population.

Census 2011: People with Autism

This project analysed the health data from people with autism compared with the general population using Scotland's Census 2011.

Oral health

This project investigates the oral health of adults with intellectual disabilities.

Census 2011: People with learning disabilities

This project will analyse and compare reported general and mental health status, and other reported disabilities for people with and without intellectual disabilities.

Reproductive health

This project will address the need for qualitative research that explores the reproductive health of women with learning disabilities in Scotland and how this impacts on wellbeing, experiences of sexual and maternal health and pregnancy. 

Psychotropic prescribing to children and young people

This project analyses trends in antipsychotic prescribing in children and young people with autism and/or learning disabilities in Scotland, between 2009 and 2013.