Health care services

Hospital admissions for physical conditions for people with learning disabilities


People with learning disabilities are more likely to have certain medical conditions, such as respiratory diseases and heart defects, than the general population.   As a result, they may be admitted to hospital more frequently and for different reasons than people who do not have learning disabilities. Read about the research and findings here.

Mental health and learning disabilities inpatient census 2014 & 2016


This research analysed and compared the data for patients with learning disabilities in the 2014 and 2016 Mental Health and Learning Disability Inpatient Bed Census to other inpatients. Our findings will increase our understanding of the use of learning disabilities and mental health inpatient beds by people with learning disabilities, within and out-with NHS Scotland. Read about this research here.

Trends in per capita expenditure on adult learning disability services across health boards and local authorities in Scotland


In response to the global financial crisis in 2007/08, the UK implemented an austerity programme in 2010 which may impact upon expenditure on adult learning disabilities health and social care services. Scotland is a geographically diverse country with both densely-populated urban areas and highly-dispersed remote and rural communities. This research will analyse the challenges in the provision of services in such diverse areas and the impact upon expenditure.  Read more about this here.

Management of long term health conditions amongst adults with learning disabilities in primary care settings


This project measured the management of long-term conditions within primary health care for adults with learning disabilities, and compared this with the general population. Additionally we investigated the number of recognised health conditions experienced by adults with learning disabilities compared with the general population, and the potential influence of a range of individual, social and environmental factors upon these health problems.  Read about this research here.

Management of long-term conditions in primary health care for adults with learning disabilities compared with the general population


The UK general practitioners contract included a pay for performance element for management of long-term conditions, according to best-practice indicators, defined by the Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF). This study uses QOF to measures good practice for adults with learning disabilities compared with the general population at two time points. Read about our findings here.